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A Study made for Two

dual desk

With changing work patterns, the importance of a work life balance and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, a home based office has become essential for many of us. However, the office can become a somewhat contested space being such a useful, quiet location in the home where one can be reflective, creative and productive.  One office beautifully designed for two could be the perfect answer.

The bespoke home office, custom built around the needs of two people rather than the usual one person can help to prevent any such problems from arising in the first place. With a bespoke Conquest home office built for two, your study can provide am elegant workspace for both you and your partner, beautifully arranged with dual desk and dedicated shelving and drawer space for both people. Our home studies are custom built to meet your needs and space. 

Painted Cabinetry

Steel grey continues to be popular as a colour for cabinetry but the use of darker painted colours such as this ink blue for cabinetry is also a growing trend.

Offsetting the warmth of the inky blue with the lightness of the ivory wall cabinets and light grained wooden worktop ensures a balanced overall feel.

Ink Blue Painted Cabinetry

At Conquest we can supply almost any colour you wish. Our designers can also advise on the use of colour in your kitchen or indeed any room of your home as part of our bespoke furniture service.

London apartment chic

This open plan London apartment is practical and accessible as a home whilst being perfect for entertaining.

With wheelchair access a must, this London based couple needed their home to be stylish and practical, accessible and sociable. With cleverly designed built in storage in easy reach from a wheelchair and wide gangways that work for everyone, this stylish apartment is jam packed with thoughtful features. The apartment boasts two lounge zones one for reading and one for entertaining, a kitchen a library zone and a dining area. 

London Appartment

The couple chose to use wood tones and a warm blue to create an open plan space in this London apartment that was warm and homely whilst also being elegant and perfectly suited to entertaining.

We designed and made the kitchen and living room furniture so that the style flowed through the apartment beautifully. 

Blue bespoke kitchen

Our designs also paid close attention to the fact our customers here included a wheelchair user and so items that would require frequent access should be easy to reach without tricky manoeuvring of the chair. Our hidden pantry conceals food at an easy to reach height ensuring the apartment looks clutter free at all times.

Hidden pantry
The wood and stone flooring adds a practical finish with warm tones. The built in library adds plenty of storage for books whilst leaving sufficient space for the piano.

Built in library

Miele ‘Sous Vide’ will bring out your inner gourmet

sous vide











Sous vide is a cooking technique which is common place in all good restaurants. Miele’s latest offering brings this simple technique to your kitchen enabling you to produce gourmet quality meals simply.

The home technology gadgetry market continues to grow as does the interest in preparing ever higher quality meals at home. The reason why the sous vide approach is so popular with chefs is because the food is initially vacuum sealed in a food grade plastic pouch to retain all flavours and then cooked either in water or steam to a precise temperature, sufficient to kill all pathogenic bacteria but not so high as to have any negative impact on texture or flavour. The result is food cooked to perfection with maximum flavour.

Miele’s combination of vacuum drawer and steam over enables this precise method of cooking and whilst it may appeal to the home gourmet – arguably it has a stronger appeal for the culinarily challenged. If you find that your efforts in the kitchen , too often result in undercooked or overcooked meals that elicit a rather practised and strained ’mm lovely …’ response, then the consistency of this approach could transform your results.

Miele’s vacuum equipment can also be used to vacuum foods that have already been cooked and extend their refrigerated and frozen shelf life which should help to reduce food waste.

Conquest is a Miele appointed supplier. (Image courtesy of Miele)

Home and Interiors Trends for 2017

By any measure 2016 was an eventful year and whilst these seismic events will no doubt shape many aspects of our lives in 2017, you may not have considered that they will also have an impact on our homes and interiors. In an article by Kevin Peachey for the BBC’s website, called ‘House Price Predictions for 2017’, there seems to be some consensus amongst housing experts that house price rises will slow down with a minority predicting a small fall. The Brexit vote is cited as one factor in this but another was the latest wave of changes to stamp duty which has seen increases across the board peaking at 15% for buy to let or second homes above £1.5m.

Ray Boulger, of John Charcol mortgage brokers, explained that it led to many at the expensive end of the market choosing to extend their homes rather than move. Some interiors experts believe that it will also have an impact on the way we decorate our properties with property owners more likely to reject the beige and neutral colours which are popular when people are selling their homes, and instead plump for bolder and brighter colours.

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-14-32-40To an extent this prediction is endorsed by Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year which is called ‘Greenery’ and which they describe as, ‘Fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring…’. (‘Greenery’ images courtesy of Pantone.)

However, some interiors bloggers seem to be steering more towards the continued growth of the smoky greys, blues and greens – exemplified by Dulux’s Colour of 2017, ‘Denim Drift’.


(Denim Drift image courtesy of Dulux)









It’s these predictions that seem to chime well with the experience of our own designers who are meeting with Conquest customers all the time, discussing and sketching out design ideas for their homes.

‘Whilst I am seeing a move towards more use of colour, our clients tend towards seeking something of a classic and timeless look, for furniture that is made to last.’ said Shameen Jivraj, Conquest Designer. She goes on to say,

‘I’ve just finalised colours in a kitchen for a stunning penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames in Central London and their colour choices are right on trend with blue-green-grey cabinets in Farrow and Ball’s Oval Blue room (No 85) and Light Blue (No 22) which will sit with a Light Oak and Jet Black worktop.’

Home technology developments will continue to make an impact in 2017 and our designers expect that the trend for incorporating larger, cinematic televisions – 55” and 65” into bespoke furniture is set to continue, with the spaghetti of cabling being cleverly concealed.













The other significant driver for change in the home in 2017 will be technology and in particular smart home technology. Global tech blogging site ‘Techpinions’ notes that much of the early discussion around smart home technologies focussed on stand alone products. However, the growth in these devices and the bewildering array of technical standards, platforms and connectivity requirements has only led to a rise in issues of compatibility and frustration for users. They predict the growth in new ‘converged’ versions of these products that will combine functionality – perhaps best exemplified currently by Amazon’s Echo or Alexa device.














(Amazon Echo/Alexa image courtesy of Amazon)

It is in fact three devices in one – a voice controlled wi fi and blue tooth speaker; a smart voice assistant called Alexa – capable of answering questions ranging from the weather to train times and finally it’s a smart home controller that can turn devices on and off. Amazon have very cleverly enabled other technology companies to connect to this platform via it’s ‘Smart Home Skill API’ which which could see it turning it into the de facto gateway for smart home technology.

2017 promises to be an exciting year for our homes.

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