Designing your dream kitchen can be exciting, fun and hugely rewarding when done with expert support.

You will need to consider many things including what kind of look you want to achieve, it’s primary functions as well as what else you’d like to do with the space. You might like a discrete PC workstation or television perhaps. You will also need to think about storage design and movement through the space. Our designers will ensure that you style is captured whilst delivering your functional requirements in a way that connects perfectly with the rest of your home. 

The key to the future success of your dream kitchen lies in the planning which is where the creativity begins. Leading Hampshire Architect Stuart Bone gives his 5 top tips for any kitchen project whether new build or extension – which is designed to create the multi purpose living space. Whether your preferred style is sleek and modern or cool and retro, we know that a kitchen is the working heart of the home – a place that needs to be bright and functional one moment yet equally suited as a space to entertain friends and host dinner parties. Bright and functional by day, sleek and elegant in the evening is achievable. 

At Conquest fine furniture we know what questions to ask you to get the best result for your home for years to come. Our team of experienced kitchen designers can visit you at home to help you assess your needs, listen to your ideas and offer inspiration and technical advice enabling you to create your dream kitchen. Call us on 0800 975 1199 to arrange your complimentary dream kitchen design consultation today.