Whilst we may struggle to agree on it’s name; be it living room, sitting room or lounge, most of us would agree that it is the most popular room in the home, and the one we relax in together.  A contemporary lounge design can highlight the most recent trends in the industry, whilst also being able to achieve a feeling of warmth, space, comfort and beauty.

Space is a big factor when it comes to maximising your lounge, so cleverly designed storage space is key. The advent of large screen televisions and home cinemas has transformed many of our living rooms and not always in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Whilst we may enjoy the benefits that the latest audio and vidual technologies can bring, most of us want to still retain a living room that can be a place of relaxation with technologies being subtly integrated without becoming overbearing. We listen to your requirements and design furniture with these in mind. You may have sporting trophies, pictures or treasured books that you want to display in a clean and stylish way or perhaps you might even like an in-built PC workstation. It is only with a fitted lounge tailored to your specific requirements that you can achieve the style, look and functionaility that will last into the future. A fitted lounge could be the answer to all your requirements whilst help to channel the chic and contemporary vibe you’re after.

When designing a lounge room, movement through the space, as well as complimenting and connecting with the rest of your home is important. At Conquest, our designers will meet with you onsite to ensure a full appreciation of the space, the dimensions and the possibilities. Whatever your needs and preferred style, at Conquest we can design the perfect living space for you.

Our contemporary lounge furniture is designed by our fully qualified designers for your comfort and ease of use. Our design, planning and quotation service is complimentary.

To arrange for one of our designers to visit you at home, simply call 0800 975 1199.