We guarantee that you will be delighted with your Conquest furniture. Many companies claim to do this but at Conquest we know that we can deliver on it. We are able to confidently give you that guarantee because we are in control of every aspect of your service. We design it here, we make it here and we fit it ourselves.

It is this control over the production process and the closeness of our relationship with you the customer that ensures that we deliver on this exceptional standard of customer service every time. As well as our own guarantee, you’ll find independent ‘five star’ reviews from Conquest customers who have posted their thoughts and experiences with Conquest onto Google, Facebook and Houzz.

Indeed we have even uninstalled Conquest furniture from a previous home and then reinstalled the same Conquest furniture to a new home, for some Conquest customers who have insisted on taking their Conquest fitted furniture with them when moving house.

And if that is not sufficient to attest to the quality and durability of our furniture then you’ll perhaps be reassured that as members of the Consumer Protection Association, all of work is guaranteed for 10 years. This comprehensive guarantee covers every aspect of your furniture, from construction and installation to the materials used and the durability of the finished units.