About Conquest

john adey

John Adey – Founder

At Conquest, we’ve been designing and handcrafting fine fitted furniture here in Hampshire for over fifty years. We are the UK’s leading bespoke fitted furniture company.

When I established Conquest more than fifty years ago I founded it on three principles and we have never departed from them.

1. Only the best quality of raw materials.

2. Only the best craftsmen (and women).

3. Precision engineering and the perfect fit.

We are almost unique as a bespoke fitted furniture company with national reach that employs all of it’s own people from the initial design right through to the final fit. It is a team approach from start to finish and it is only in this way that we can be confident that our customers will always enjoy the best possible experience.

We’re passionate about furniture design, timber quality, provenance and craftsmanship and we’re obsessive about the perfect fit. Our furniture is designed and built to last and the quality of our furniture can be measured in how it looks and performs not just on day one but after many years of use. This is why Conquest furniture provides excellent value for money and why every installation comes with a 10 year guarantee. 

Our furniture is bespoke, custom made to fit your personal requirements in terms of style, function and the available space.

Whether it’s a fitted kitchen or living room, study or bedroom – the options are limitless. We design it here, we build it here, we fit it ourselves. It’s simple, elegant and sustainable.

For a free design consultation just call 0800 9751199 and fall in love with your home again