Conquest’s abiding principle is exceptional craftsmanship. When John Adey founded the company 50 years ago, it was his skills in precision wood working that were so highly prized by large companies and that facilitated their engineering processes. Conquest’s talented team of time-served, craftsmen are constantly seeking that flawless finish in their work in order to meet the perfectionist standards of Conquest’s founder and master craftsman John Adey.

Conquest’s craftsmen know that the best possible finish can only be achieved by using the finest top-grade materials. All of the timbers used at our Hampshire workshop are of the finest quality, ensuring both the perfect finish and unrivalled durability. Our Hampshire workshop combines the use of traditional hand-held wood working tools and equipment together with the latest in 21st Century computer aided technology.

This means that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to making bespoke, clever and beautiful furniture design, a reality. We are fortunate enough to have a very stable team of craftsman who have built up many years of experience in making the finest fitted furniture. Most have worked with us for well over twenty years. There’s a great team spirit and they enjoy bringing on new team members and equipping them with the skills, vision and understanding to ensure our traditions and standards continue long into the future.