Basement Inspiration

music room basement

Christine and David live in a home that dates back 200 years, which means it has plenty of character, but also some peculiarities that can very well pose difficulties when trying to re-invent your space.

The couple were looking for a bespoke shelving system for their basement that would accommodate their life-long collection of books, CDs and LPs, some of which have sentimental value. This needed to be done in a way that was attractive and that would make you want to linger for some time and possibly beckon you to pull out a book and curl up to have a read, or to pop an LP on the stereo and listen to the melodies that spark so many memories. They knew however, this job would be a challenging one, due to the basement’s tricky configuration, with low ceilings and a narrow staircase that leads down to it.

David and Christine, who are avid theatre-goers, came across a Conquest advert whilst browsing their Chichester Festival Theatre programme. Conquest has been a ‘Diamond’ level partner of the theatre for a number of years. The couple decided they should book our designers in for a quote.

‘They came for the initial site visit and very quickly assessed the basement space and made suggestions. It was obvious that they were experienced.’

They’d received quotes from other companies, but felt that Conquest understood what they wanted, which was paramount to them. Conquest’s skilled designers set themselves to work, fitting in handsome wall-to-wall shelving with sleek flush lines, disrupted only by a prominent stereo compartment, to draw the eye. All units were covered with a lick of white paint, giving the low-ceilinged basement the illusion of a grander room.

Tucking away the unattractive boiler and gas meter was an important part of the design challenge and Conquest’s designers skilfully and tactfully concealed these items behind floor-to-ceiling handleless cupboard doors, leaving a clean finish and thus reinforcing the openness and airiness of the space.All this white minimalism may perhaps sound stark to some, but it is warmed up by the rich and varied colour palette of the book jackets, CD and LP covers, leaving them to take centre stage and allowing them to tell their own story and evoke memories throughout the room. So, not only was David and Christine’s problem met with the ideal solution, but just as importantly, they felt heard and understood.

‘They were sympathetic and empathetic to what we wanted to do. They were quick to see what we wanted and at no time did they try to foist something on to us that we found unsuitable.’

The result? A fresh modern-looking room that contains elements of their past, a basement that inspires the imagination, and hopefully one where Christine and David will find themselves spending much of their time, for years to come… .