From Empty Shell to the Perfect Kitchen for my Home

My Perfect Kitchen

Sometimes in life, only the best will do and this was precisely the view Miss Turk came to when she ultimately decided to opt for a Conquest built and fitted kitchen. For Miss Turk, a Nurse from Hampshire, an insistence on the highest standards applied equally both in her work life and at home.

It’s no surprise then that it was Conquest that she ultimately came to for the design and build of her new kitchen. Miss Turk had taken on a real project when she bought her new home in Hampshire around a year ago, describing it as a ‘shell’ with no kitchen at all when she moved in. Simply preparing food and washing up presented a daily challenge. However she was determined to adapt the house to meet her particular needs and design requirements. She began by removing a wall between the kitchen and the dining room to open up the space for the creation of a kitchen diner. The victorian property had particularly high ceilings and she found that the ‘out of town’ big DIY stores couldn’t make their standard kitchens fit the space. Miss Turk was also keen on a wooden dining table with a carved finish, designed to integrate with the kitchen island – again something she didn’t feel she get far with in the big stores. ‘The designers didn’t seem to understand my needs and the design that I was looking for. I felt that I was being manoeuvred into their standard offering. The experience with Fiona – one of the designers at Conquest couldn’t have been more different – she got me – and we worked together.’

fitted hand made kitchen

Miss Turk was able to ensure that the kitchen fitted into the style that she had envisaged and had begun to develop for the rest of her new home. She also found that Fiona at Conquest, was able to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges of the job – such as the need to ensure the boiler’s presence in the kitchen was as discrete as possible. Miss Turk worked together with Fiona on the whole look of the kitchen and its connection with the rest of the home, making tweaks and adjustments here and there. Miss Turk loved the Limestone floor tiles that Fiona showed her and how they toned beautifully with the granite work surface she’d selected.

The fitters too made a great impression with nothing being too much trouble.

And the final result – Miss Turk is delighted saying that it has made a huge difference to her life. The new kitchen diner has really opened up the house and provides the perfect space for socialising and entertaining.