A Fitting Transformation

The Richardsons from Chichester spent six months transforming their newly built home with the help of Conquest before they moved in, in June this year.

‘As the house was a new-build all of the rooms were empty shells without any fittings, so we wanted to build furniture such as wardrobes in the bedrooms and cabinets in the sitting room for storage.’ Matthew Richardson

The couple had asked the builders of their house to leave from constructing furniture in the bedrooms as they preferred to work alongside the designers at Conquest to create a bespoke wardrobe which catered to their requirements and aesthetic tastes. Conquest designed the wardrobe to run along one wall in the bedroom and to curve around the corner onto the connected wall and to then fit underneath the window. The wardrobe consisted of an inbuilt dressing table with fitted lights, a chest of drawers and a window seat which also acted as shoe-storage, making best use of the available space. Additionally, Conquest created a headboard for the bed and two bedside cabinets which perfectly matched the material used to create the wardrobe, creating an attractive and consistent design.

However, it was not just the bedroom that Conquest helped to transform:

“We originally came across Conquest purely by chance as a result of an advertisement, and used them firstly to furniture the large bedroom; however, we were so happy with the result that we then asked them to create and design the furniture for the other bedroom, lounge and bathrooms.”


In the living room, Conquest created a cabinet to display their ornaments upon glass shelves which were illuminated by inbuilt lights, as well as to create extra storage space underneath to hide away objects such as the computer and printer. The two toned theme of the cabinet design juxtaposes the modern elements of the glass shelves and splashes of blue within the ornaments and sofa, with the traditional elements of the dark wood and the antique-feel to the books on display. 

Additionally, Conquest used innovative storage solutions around the home to hide away unwanted equipment and to create extra storage; such as the wardrobe in the second bedroom built around the water tank and boiler.

“We were particularly pleased that if the installers could see an improvement or a slight suggestion of an alteration, they proposed the idea to us and went and did it there and then the very same day. They were very versatile.”

If you would like Conquest to help make your furniture work for you and your home using innovative storage ideas and only the finest materials, why not arrange a personal design consultation at home with one of our qualified designers by calling 0800 975 1199.