Our fitted Home Study Furniture can be designed to help you create a stylish and sleek contemporary home study. We believe that an ideal environment to work from home can be achieved that is functional and practical, while being also comfortable and beautiful.

We offer innovative and stylish solutions that make the most of the available space, including maximising wall space, clever storage design, and concealing PC, printing and telephone wiring. Our furniture designers will meet with you onsite so that they can fully understand the space, dimensions and possibilities that will equip them to design cleanly configured fitted furniture that effortlessly integrates all your needs and requirements. We’ll ensure that your fitted home study strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. This means no unattractive filing cabinets and loose wires. It means clean lines and elegant and balanced structure with accessible bookshelves and drawers. Our bespoke approach means that we can match the style of your fitted home study furniture to that of your home. We can even create a fitted home study for two. We have been designing and making fitted home study furniture for over fifty years and our expert craftsmen will ensure that whatever the size and shape of your space, we can create a fitted home study that will perfectly fit your needs. 

Perhaps you’d like to add a little sparkle to your home office. With a Conquest fitted home office, anything is possible. If you’re thinking of having a new fitted home office then there are six things that you should consider.

Designed for your comfort and needs, our designers are experienced in listening to your ideas and offering inspiration and technical advice to enable you to create your perfect study.

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