Decluttering Tips for the New Year

declutteringIf like many of us, you’d like to start 2016 with a declutter then it’s time to go through our declutter check list or make one of your own…

1. Books – will you ever read them again? and if not – do you have another reason to keep them? Are they beautiful or do they have sentimental value. If not, pass them on or arrange a book swap with friends. 

2. Films – will you ever watch them again? If not pass them on or arrange a film swap with friends. Watch new films online on movie sites such as Amazon or Netflix if you don’t want more DVDs cluttering your home. If you are a film buff and love the physical DVDs and their box sets then bespoke media storage can ensure your films are close to hand whilst being discretely stored.

3. Clothes – will you ever wear them again? If not why not donate to one of the many wonderful charities on your high street or the clothes banks? In a year when we will all want to make an increased contribution to addressing environmental impacts, then reusing and recycling will be key and you can do your bit to help.

4. Shoes – many of us have too many – investing in a high quality storage solution can be the answer to keeping our footwear tidy whilst deciding what we really need. If you are parents or grandparents, it is useful to keep a pair of wellies for each child but do you really need their old ones too?


5. Paperwork –  in this digital age it is surprising how many bits of paper we still have in our homes. Having a single place for paper work to go to once it enters your home can be a practical way of keeping it tidy. Clearly labelled folders in a shelving unit can add some order to your essential paperwork along with digitising your life wherever possible. Where things have been digitised, ask yourself if you really need to print the paperwork out as well. Do you need your bank to keep posting bank statements if you can retrieve and view them online? It’s an environmental and decluttering strategy in one. However, keeping and storing some paperwork which can be easily retrieved is always going to be necessary and having beautifully made, easily accessible storage is going to help in a practical way whilst enhancing the design and feel of your home.

Whatever your storage challenges this year our designers can help you, just call us on 0800 975 1199 for a free no obligation design consultation.