Whether you have a dining room that needs a bit of love and attention or whether you opt for a kitchen diner, at Conquest we can design the perfect dining space for you. Space is often key when it comes to designing a dining room. Free standing furniture often takes up rather a lot of space whilst not necessarily providing the storage that would be helpful. A fitted dining room will always provide the optimal storage space whilst taking up the minimal footprint in a room. This can be so helpful when it comes to dining rooms as good circulation space is essential when serving. This is what one of our customers Mike Sinclair found when he was struggling with the free standing furniture in his dining room and looked to us to provide fitted dining room furniture in his West Sussex home. Read about his experience in our design blog. Kitchen diners are often a little less formal than the classic dining room and enable cooking to be more of a social activity – a reflection of the massive growth in popularity of TV chefs and associated home cooking. Our designers are experts in ensuring that you achieve exactly the feel you are looking for from your kitchen diner – so that it works both as a kitchen and a dining space. A bespoke fitted kitchen dining room will ensure that you use your space in the optimal manner with the kitchen being designed around the space to the best possible effect. If you would like to discuss your ideas and plans for your dining room or kitchen diner then from us a line by telephone or email.