Is it time for new home office?

Home Office 

A home office can be just the thing to keep on top of your work and home tasks.

Whether it will be your full time place of work, a space to administer a hobby or club or simply somewhere to keep on top of ‘life’s admin’ – a well designed home office can be the perfect solution.

Six things to consider when designing your home office

1. How much time will you spend in your home office?

If the answer is more than a couple of hours a week we would recommend investing a comfortable supportive chair and a desk which aids good posture. Back problems are often caused by poor posture caused by badly aligned workspaces. So ensure that your desk arrangement meets with current working practices.

2. Do you want to be able to shut the door at the end of the day?

Ideally you would be able to dedicate an entire room to your home office so that when you have finished work you can walk out the door and shut it behind you giving you a sense of closure and preventing work from pervading your home. If you can’t dedicate a whole room of your home, we have clever tricks that can help you switch between work and home life quickly and easier.

 3. Will you need to be able to multi task?

While some may prefer a room of their own, if you need to keep an eye on the children whilst catching up with e-mails or cook dinner whilst keeping up-to-date with business news, then a specially concealed desk and storage in your kitchen or family room can offer an ideal solution.

4. Consider task lighting

Likewise having lighting that ensures you take care of your vision is crucial to maintaining a comfortable home office environment. Whilst it may be a joy to move away from the harsh strip lighting of a corporate office it is important to make sure you have suitable shades for your windows to avoid glare and task lighting where you will need it the most. 

5. Will clients or colleagues be visiting you?

If so you will need adequate seating and workspace to accommodate them. Keeping your personal life out of your office then becomes an important detail. We offer bespoke storage solutions to maintain a tidy and uncluttered office where everything has a home.

6. What tasks will you be doing?

If most of your work is done on-line then having the best possible IT set up is paramount. However if you are paper based you will need to ensure that you have efficient and effective storage space which looks attractive whilst streamlining your processes. 

All our home office furniture is designed with your own personal tastes and circumstances at the heart of the process. Our designers will support you from start to finish so you can rest assured you will have the office of your dreams.

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