Making our theatrical debut

slaked lime theatre displayWe have been a long time supporter of our local theatre – the Chichester Festival Theatre and this year we’ve been given the opportunity to be a very active supporter.  The theatre have a forthcoming trilogy of plays by Alan Ayckbourn, entitled the Norman Conquests

The 3 plays are Living Together, Table Manners and Round and Round the Garden and all centre around the central character Norman and 5 other friends/family members in this absurd comic tale. Norman would like to seduce Annie though he is married to her sister, Ruth. He’s also got his eye on Sarah, though she’s married to Reg – who is Annie and Ruth’s brother. Tom, from next door, isn’t married to anyone, though he too nurses secret hopes beneath the surface. It’s all about a weekend where these six characters come together and chaos ensues basically!

Each play can be seen on its own as a standalone piece in any sequence or they can on certain days all be seen as one event.

As sponsors of the Norman Conquests – Conquest Fitted Furniture are designing a special installation for the foyer to be in place throughout the run of the production. Conquest are working with our show designer Simon Higlett to design and install a bespoke piece of furniture – this will be themed around the three plays and be a fantastic centrepiece for our Festival Theatre foyer.

Vicki Gregory, Corporate Development Manager, Chichester Festival. 

We are going to be creating a piece of fitted furniture modelled on our media display unit with the slaked lime finish which has provoked such a lot of interest this year from our customers. The piece will be finished in our workshop in late August and then fitted at the theatre in early September 2017 just in time for the performance. We shall of course be attending ourselves and we are also giving away two free tickets to ‘Summer time offer’ customers which will be drawn from a hat in late August.