Miele ‘Sous Vide’ will bring out your inner gourmet

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Sous vide is a cooking technique which is common place in all good restaurants. Miele’s latest offering brings this simple technique to your kitchen enabling you to produce gourmet quality meals simply.

The home technology gadgetry market continues to grow as does the interest in preparing ever higher quality meals at home. The reason why the sous vide approach is so popular with chefs is because the food is initially vacuum sealed in a food grade plastic pouch to retain all flavours and then cooked either in water or steam to a precise temperature, sufficient to kill all pathogenic bacteria but not so high as to have any negative impact on texture or flavour. The result is food cooked to perfection with maximum flavour.

Miele’s combination of vacuum drawer and steam over enables this precise method of cooking and whilst it may appeal to the home gourmet – arguably it has a stronger appeal for the culinarily challenged. If you find that your efforts in the kitchen , too often result in undercooked or overcooked meals that elicit a rather practised and strained ’mm lovely …’ response, then the consistency of this approach could transform your results.

Miele’s vacuum equipment can also be used to vacuum foods that have already been cooked and extend their refrigerated and frozen shelf life which should help to reduce food waste.

Conquest is a Miele appointed supplier. (Image courtesy of Miele)