Should I incorporate the lounge into my new kitchen diner?

Should I incorporate the lounge into my new kitchen diner?


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A number of surveys in recent years have continued to confirm that the open plan kitchen diner is the single most popular home development and in 2016 it shows no signs of weakening with one in thereof us already enjoying the benefits of an open plan kitchen diner.

The same survey revealed that one in five Britons plan to combine their cooking space with a separate living room, creating a single, open-plan area. But is this the right approach or in ten years time will we find ourselves reinstating walls and separating rooms again?

 We look at the pros and cons and make some suggestions that may help you to decide the way to go.

1. Feeling sociable?

Some of us like to be part of the hubbub of family life whilst cooking and to be able to engage with guests when entertaining and whilst cooking and this is exactly what the kitchen diner brings.  However, incorporating a living room as well takes this a step further and could mean an end to cooking whilst listening to your favourite radio station or without TV intrusion. However you can mitigate the ‘intrusion’ factor for the chef – and indeed for the ‘loungers’ by perhaps using an L shaped design to help zone the area or alternatively by using a clever glass or similar partition that could rise from the work top to help section off the cooking area when in use. 

 2. Cooking smells and soft furnishings

Many of us strive to increase the amount of fish in our diets and we all love a spicy curry.  Whilst this may be good for our health, it does present a real challenge to a kitchen diner lounge where the control and extraction of cooking smells becomes much more important. Extraction is key and that means a powerful, yet quiet extractor unit with smooth walled ducting and with as few bends as possible. It also means ensuring that it can draw in sufficient cold air from the outside to replace the warm air you are removing.

3 Dirty dishes can spoil a party

Dirty dishes can rather spoil a party and with the open plan kitchen diner living and entertaining space, this can be a bit of a problem. An adjacent Butler’s pantry or utility room with double sink and work top is perhaps the ideal solution but requires significant space. Again the partially sectioned off cooking area or a clever automated raised partition is also a good option but even a splash back of sufficient height along the length of the work top can be an effective shield. 

Should I incorporate the lounge into my new kitchen diner?

We’re used to perhaps choosing the style of our kitchen and thinking of the style of our other living spaces rather more distinctly. If we are going to incorporate the lounge into a large open plan living space then we need to consider the design across the whole space in order to avoid a visually disjointed jumble. 

This flow is something which can be most easily achieved by going down the hand made kitchen and furniture approach which may be more affordable than you think. Hand made furniture company Conquest is able to design and build a kitchen that perfectly fits your space whilst incorporating clever designs and touches to beautifully address the challenges of the open plan living space. They can design and make the living space furniture to either match or combine perfectly with your kitchen – to fit your specific needs.