Time for a new media centre or fitted lounge?

home media centre

Whether we call it a sitting room, living room or lounge – it is the peaceful place in our home where we can relax and unwind. If your home doesn’t bring you the tranquility you need anymore, perhaps now is the time to invest in a new media centre or fitted lounge to refresh your room and provide a place for everything.

Here are four things to consider when developing thoughts and ideas on a new media centre or fitted lounge furniture:

1.How do you like your media?

Books, films or music? Which is your preferred way to unwind? Unless you have completely embraced the move to digital, you are bound to have some DVDs, books and vinyl in your homes. Some like to have these items on display whilst others hold to a more minimalist approach.

2. Decide what you want to keep

Marie Kondo, author of the best selling, ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’, would doubtless react to my own multifarious media collection with the comment, ‘Does it give you pleasure?”. If your media gives you pleasure then you should keep it but there must be some items that you simply will not look at again. Once you know what you would like to keep, our designers can help you decide where and how to store it. On the other hand, if you’re unlikely to look at it, read it or listen to it then why not give it a new home?

3. On show or tucked away?

Some of us like to showcase our media collections, revealing a little of our tastes and interests for our guests to ponder. Others prefer a minimalist approach where everything has it’s home – and that home is behind a piece of cleverly designed, beautiful cabinetry. 

4. Big screen on hidden screens?

Big screen on hidden screen? Our clever designers can make your flat screen television or projector screen, the centre piece of a beautiful bespoke hand made furniture unit. Alternatively they can carefully conceal it using either cabinetry or technology. We have televisions disguised as mirrors or even oil paintings when not in use but which leap into life at the touch of a button! 

All of our fitted lounges and home media centres are designed with your own personal tastes and circumstances at the heart of the process. Our designers will support you from start to finish so you can rest assured that we will create the home of your dreams.

home media centre by conquest fine fitted furniture