We recognise that a home study should be a functional yet beautiful space to work, and our designers are committed to finding a solution unique to you and your requirements for a classic home study. A classic fitted home study perfectly complements and indeed enhances a period property. A rich grain pattern in your home study furniture which flows through the furniture from drawer to drawer and from cabinet to cabinet, is the hallmark of a Conquest classic fitted study.  It illustrates our own dedication, hard work and diligence and provides a finished product that demonstrates the fruitfulness of such effort. Good attributes, we think, for a home study environment.

From your colour scheme to your storage needs, our qualified designers will create a furniture solution that suits your needs and matches your preferred style, so that soon work will become a pleasure. You might like to think about storage solutions such as pull out printer drawers or scanner shelves, integrated CD and DVD storage or wall-to-wall bookshelves. Our designers will ensure that functionalities such as these are met and are in keeping with the timeless, classic style you’re after. Perhaps you’d like your study to be designed for two so that you and your partner have their own seating, desk space and storage, whilst retaining a coherent look and feel. With our bespoke approach to your office furniture design, we can ensure that whilst your furniture may have a classical sense of solidity and style, it will be ergonomically designed for your comfort with bookcases and shelving arranged to be comfortably accessed.

With classic study designs, you have the opportunity to embrace and combine beautiful, traditional features in a practical working environment. Many period homes will not have perfectly square rooms or perfectly plumb walls but whatever the shape or size of space you have available, our team of experienced study designers and cabinet makers will ensure that you have a classic fitted study perfectly matched to your needs.

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